California Here We Come – CA Charity Registration

California, here we come…..just a note to folks outside California in the nonprofit world attempting to register in California for charitable solicitation. As many know, CA is facing serious budget shortfalls. This can impact your nonprofit’s ability to get registered to fundraise in CA, especially if you are in a hurry. CA is complicated; do these four things to ensure compliance:
• Complete the Foreign Nonprofit Corporation Statement and Designation form with careful attention to form directions.
• Once you receive the 7 digit corporate number, immediately file the Franchise Tax Exemption form or your nonprofit may be required to pay $800 annually in taxes; ouch!
• Now, it is finally time to file the charitable registration application, but you are not yet finished yet….
• Within 90 days of receiving your corporate number you must file a Statement of Information form either in hard copy or on-line.
Then annually make sure you complete both a charity registration renewal and statement of information to stay Clearly Compliant!

For more California information on state charity registration requirments visit