Service Details


Learning about your organization is important to us. We want to make the registration process as simple as possible so you can concentrate on what is really important; your mission!

Clearly Compliant understands the significance of donor information and fundraising strategies, so the assessment process begins with a confidentiality agreement. During assessment we gather information from your donor database, mailing lists, grant application records, current fundraising strategy, and future fundraising initiatives. We ask questions such as does your organization use a professional fundraiser? Do you have a planned giving program? Is a capital campaign in the near future?

We then complete a state-by-state return on investment (ROI) analysis so you can make an informed decision on the cost/benefit of soliciting in each state. This information is used to determine in which states your organization needs to complete charity registration.


Clearly Compliant ensures your nonprofit is compliant with each state’s registration requirements by efficiently gathering initial registration materials and information. We provide a master in-take form that reduces the need for repeated follow-up. Then we:

  • Complete state registration forms and supporting documents
  • Forward forms for appropriate signatures
  • Complete the filing in each state

You can view copies of the executed flings at any time and we maintain secure electronic copies for your organization.

Annual Reporting

It is our goal to keep you informed and out of trouble! Fees, payment methods, due dates, signatures, required notarizations, and a variety of factors vary by state. We track important due dates and stay on top of submission of registration renewals, financial reporting, extensions, and other mandatory filings for each state. We provide clients with a renewal checklist to ensure the most current governance documents are available for filings.


We stay in continuous communication with our clients. Our legal counsel continuously monitors changes in state law and provides each client with relevant Disclosure Statements. Information updates, legal reviews, notices of change state laws, and information about best practices for the nonprofit world will be communicated to our clients in easy-to-understand detail.

Confidential information always stays confidential.