NY Improves Extension Request Process for Annual Financial Reporting

New York has improved the process for requesting an extension to file charity registration annual financial reports. Now an organization can request either a 90 day extension or a 180 day extension, instead of two separate 90 day requests. Requests must be sent by email to charities.extensions@ag.ny.gov.

Extension requests must contain the term of the extension, name of the organization, their NY Charities Bureau Registration #, and EIN # in the subject line. Information straight from the New York Attorney General’s website, http://www.charitiesnys.com/charities_new.jsp

  • For a 90 day extension the subject line should read: Re: 90, ABC Charity, 01‐23‐45, 12‐3456789
  • For a 180 day extension the subject line should read: Re: 180, ABC Charity, 01‐23‐45, 12‐3456789

When completing the New York Annual Financial Report (CHAR 500) pay close attention to the instructions as it can be a bit confusing.