Registering a Charity in Colorado

When registering a charity in Colorado, charitable organizations are required to register with the Colorado Secretary of State before they can begin to raise money. Charitable organizations and paid solicitors must file a “Notice of Solicitation” at least 15 days before they can begin a fundraising campaign with the Secretary of State. The notice will provide the framework for the contract, and contain the legal name, address, nature of solicitation, length of campaign and reason for the conduct of the campaign. A financial report must also be filed by the charitable organization that accounts for proceeds the campaign gained and every expense or disbursement paid for by the campaign.

Charitable organizations must renew their registration to solicit on or before the due date. If this cannot be completed, they must file an extension of the deadline or receive up to a $100 late filing fee per year. Late fees increase according to the following schedule:

Charity registration in Colorado

A charitable organization can register for Colorado online at their website.

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