Alaska Charity Registration Update

Alaska has a new charity registration and renewal form, along with a brand new online system.  You may all recall that AK is a state that requires all charity registration renewals to occur in the month of August.  Now you can chose either a hard copy filing or an online filing.  Good news?  No need to worry about the IRS Form 990 because in both cases, you do not need to file a copy.  However, if the AK Department of Law requests a copy of the Form 990 or audited financial statement an organization must provide them. More good news?  No change to the $40 annual fee.  If you chose to file a hard copy, the form is comparable to other state’s forms with no unusual information requested.

New Online Process

If you chose to register online, the process is unique.

First, go to the website and click on Pay and file your registration online.  This will take right to a payment link that requires the charity name, EIN, registration period, and email for the preparer.  Once the information is entered you are taken to a payment page to enter credit card information.  When payment is approved, a receipt with a link to the online registration system is sent to the email provided.

Click the link and get started!  The problem?  This is another state site that does not save the information entered until the filing is submitted – and a signature from the organization is required.  The AK Department of Law thoughtfully allowed for some flexibility – for signature Alaska has the statement:

The contact person for this registration is a paid preparer that is filing the registration form on behalf of the organization.  The individual signing this registration has authorized the paid preparer to enter their signature information below; date, title, and name.

For more information contact the AK Department of Law at (888) 576-2529 or LawCharities@alaska.govCharitable registration in Alaska