Louisiana Charity Registration Renewal Date is Looming!

The state of Louisiana is one of only a few states to have a fixed annual registration renewal date and they have selected October 1st of each year.  In LA the Office of the Attorney General, Department of Justice, is responsible for charitable organization and professional solicitation registration requirements. Charitable organizations must file the Unified Registration Statement (URS) for the

initial registration and annual renewals.  Visit the  Unified Registration Statement Kit for information, forms, and state-specific requirements.

Louisiana is also unusual in that they do NOT require a copy of the IRS Form 990 as an attachment to the filing.  However, do be sure and include a list of other states where your organization is registered and a copy of all contracts with professional solicitors, along with a $25 check payable to the Louisiana Department of Justice.

Fun Louisiana Facts:

Louisiana House Approves Measure Lowering Marijuana Possession ...

How about some fun facts about Louisiana (beside the wonderful fact that I met my husband – Jack – in Shreveport)?  Let’s do some fun food facts!

      • Much of the worlds food, coffee, and oil pass through the Port of New Orleans.
      • Louisiana is the #1 producer of crawfish, alligators, and shallots in America.
      • Louisiana produces 24% of the nation’s salt; the most in the nation.
      • The first bottler of Coca-Cola, Joseph Biedenharn, lived in Monroe, LA.
      • Tabasco, a Louisiana product, holds the 2nd oldest food trademark in the US Patent Office.

Now, go eat some gumbo and jambalaya!  After you complete your Louisiana charity registration renewal.