Colorado SoS Calls for Input on Charitable Solicitation Act

Colorado Wants to Hear From You!

Colorado Secretary of State (SoS) Wayne Williams is seeking input on the CO Charitable Solicitation Act rules.  In my opinion CO already has one of the most user friendly online charity registration sites, but it is great that the Secretary is asking for your input on section 24-4-103. (2.5) C.R.S.

Some of the questions posed on the  CO SoS website:AlpineRMNP

1. Is the rule necessary?

2. Does the rule overlap or duplicate other rules of the agency or with other federal, state, or local government rules?

3. Is the rule written in plain language and easy to understand?  (Wish more states would ask this question:)

4. Does the rule achieve the desired intent or would more or less regulation be better?

5. Could the rule be amended to give more flexibility, reduce regulatory burdens, or reduce unnecessary paperwork while maintaining its benefits?

6. Is the rule implemented in an efficient and effective manner, including the requirements for the issuance of permits and licenses?

Feedback will be posted online:

You may email your comments to by 5 PM on May 6, 2016.  To promote transparency and help generate discussion, the CO SoS will post a copy of all comments on their website. They will also incorporate all comments into a report of findings that will appear in the SoS’s annual departmental regulatory agenda. To view the comments received, please visit:  

Or better yet, head for Colorado this Spring and Do Good – Be Good!  Would love to hear from you regarding your thoughts on Colorado or any state charity registration issues.  Sarah.