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Colorado SoS Calls for Input on Charitable Solicitation Act

Colorado Wants to Hear From You! Colorado Secretary of State (SoS) Wayne Williams is seeking input on the CO Charitable Solicitation Act rules.  In my opinion CO already has one of the most user friendly online charity registration sites, but it is great that the Secretary is asking for your input on section 24-4-103. (2.5) C.R.S. Some

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Charity Registration Single Portal Initiative

Its back!  The much-hoped for, but difficult to achieve, initiative to develop on online system that allows nonprofits and professional fundraisers to comply with all states registration and annual filing requirements through a single portal has resurfaced.

Last month the National Association of State Charities Officials (NASCO) and the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), in cooperation with The Multistate Registration and Filing Portal, Inc. (a Delaware nonprofit corporation), posted a Request for Information to invite input and proposals for development of this “one-stop” portal.  See

The goal is to create a portal that will maximize efficiency, data transparency, and information sharing by enabling compliance with registration requirement for all participating states without duplication of data entry. It will also make the collected data available to the public in a searchable and interactive format.  State filing fees will be collected and disbursed to states through the Single Portal.

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Nonprofit Emails Going to Spam

Are your nonprofit’s emails making it to the reader?  A recent report from EveryAction states that only 1 in 8 emails actually makes it to the recipients inbox!  Brett Schenker, the author of the study, is the Email Deliverability Specialist for EveryAction, where he educates national nonprofits, associations, and labor unions on email best practices and

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