Ohio Charity Renewals

Ohio Charity Registration Renewals

OH is Generous, But….

The state of Ohio is very generous with extensions to file your charity registration renewal report.  The report is due 4.5 months after fiscal year end.  Ohio honors the IRS extensions allowing for filings up to 10.5 months after fiscal year end!  This is a very generous and easy to secure renewal extension!

$200 Late Fee

In the past OH has not charged a fee for late filings.  Don’t be late!  Effective this month, Ohio Senate Bill 227 makes changes to Ohio Revised Code Section 1716.02 regarding groups that ask Ohioans for contributions. With this change all annual reports filed after the extended due date may be subject to a $200 late fee.

Ohio Notes

  • OH renewal fees are based on the amount of funds raised from Ohioans.
  • Annual fees range from $0 to $200.
  • Some organizations may qualify for exemptions – these include small nonprofits raising less than $25,000, religious organizations, educational institutions, and membership organizations.Ohio%20clipart
  • In 1852 Ohio was the first state to enact laws protecting working women – just checking to see if you are still with me!

For more information visit www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov/CharitableRegistration.