Louisiana Charity Registration – Unique!


Louisiana is a unique state in many ways and their charitable solicitation requirements are quite unique, too. Perhaps this is because Louisiana is the only state that still acts under the Napoleonic code?

A little disclaimer – I LOVE Louisiana.  I met my husband in Shreveport, my best friend hails from New Orleans, and the food is fabulous.  Now back to charity registration business!  Below are a few key facts.


  • Registration is required ONLY for nonprofit organizations using a Professional Fundraiser/Solicitor to solicit in the state – all other charities are exempt from registration. So, if your nonprofit is paying someone outside the organization to seek donations from Louisiana residents, register.
  • Louisiana is one of the few states that accepts the Unified Registration Statement for both initial registrations and annual renewals.
  • Until 2017, the charity registration renewal due date was October 1 of each year. Now renewals are due on the anniversary of the initial filing or the date the renewal is filed in 2017.  Extensions are not allowed.
  • Copies of Professional Fundraisers/Solicitor contracts are required, but not a copy of the IRS Form 990.
  • A few organizations are exempt from registration even if using a Professional Fundraiser: religious organizations, educational institutions approved by the LA Department of Education, and hospitals and voluntary health organizations located in LA.

Visit the Louisiana Department of Justice website for more information, checklists, and forms: https://www.ag.state.la.us/Article.aspx/291?catId=0


Fun fact, did you know there are almost half as many alligators as there are people in Louisiana?  Don’t let that stop you from visiting… laissez les bon temps rouler!