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NEW CA CHARITY REGISTRATION FORMS FEBRUARY 1, 2020 The new CA charity registration forms are available now and mandatory starting February 1, 2020.  Visit to access the new forms.  The new CA forms include the CT-1 Initial Registration, RRF-1 Annual Registration Renewal, and CT-TR-1 Annual Treasurer’s Report.  The CT-TR-1 is filed with the RRF-1

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MS SOS Warns of Charities Scam Emails.

Secretary of State’s Office Cautions Opening Charities Scam Emails:   The MS Secretary of State’s Office is cautioning registered charities about a recent charities email scam.  Charities are urged not to open and to delete any emails from “” or “”.  Charities are also urged not to click on any links within any emails from “”

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MS Telephone Solicitation

An Important Fundraising Notice From MS Regarding Telephone Solicitation If your nonprofit organization is hiring a fundraising professional or paying staff members to make telephone solicitations in MS, effective July 1, 2019 there are new obligations.  Please read this important letter from Brandon Presley, MS Chairman of the Public Service Commission and Delbert Hosemann, MS Secretary

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